Block Out the Sun and Keep Your Skin In Shape Even During Winter

The only ingredients you need for sunburn are thekeep-skin-in-shape-during-winter-mooresville-dermatology  ultraviolet (UV) rays produced by the sun. Even when masked by colder temperatures, the sun can still harm your skin.  

It’s easy to remember sunscreen on those hot summer days at the beach or by the pool. But applying sunscreen and using caution in the sun during the winter months is just as important, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. Sunlight reflecting off of snow doubles the strength of the UV rays their strength increases for every 1,000 feet of elevation.  

Additionally, strong winds that you often find on the ski slopes can wear away sunscreen, and bitter cold causes lasting skin damage. It’s important to follow these skincare tips during the winter months:  

  •      Use a sunscreen with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 30.  
  •      Apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to going outside.  
  •      Don’t be fooled by cloudy days – 32% of the sun’s rays can penetrate gray clouds.  
  •      Apply sunscreen to all exposed skin, using at least a teaspoon on your face.  
  •      Don’t forget the lips, ears, around the eyes, on the neck and scalp and underside of chin.  
  •      Cover up: Wear goggles, hats, gloves and scarves to limit your skin’s exposure to the elements.  
  •      Reapply sunscreen every two hours.  
  •      Take breaks and hydrate.  
  •      Wear lip balm and carry it with you to reapply as needed.  

With plenty of mountains and walking trails, there’s lots of fun to have during winter in the Piedmont region. Take care of your skin while you’re enjoying the outdoors.  

woman applying sunscreen in winter

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