Is Your Sunscreen is Benzene-Free? (Download Our List)

We’re committed to the prevention of skin cancer and also providing information about sunscreen safety. Download the Valisure product description of various batches of sunscreen for which benzene was not detected through initial analysis of at least one sample from each batch.


From and Original Article Posted on CNET:

Independent pharmaceutical testing company Valisure recently found that 78 lots of sunscreens and sun care products contained benzene, a known carcinogen that has been linked to blood cancer and other illnesses. Of the 78 batches with detectable levels, 40 products were found to have “significantly detected” levels of benzene.

The findings are detailed in Valisure’s May 24 petition to the Food and Drug Administration to recall the product lots that contain dangerous amounts of benzene. Benzene, an industrial chemical normally found in crude oil and cigarette smoke that can also be used in manufacturing plastic and pesticides, is a known human carcinogen that can cause harm with long-term exposure, which is exposure for more than one year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Please read the full article here: Valisure asks FDC to recall 40 Batches of Sunscreen

Valisure’s mission is to independently check the chemical composition of medications before they reach consumers. Working with stakeholders throughout healthcare and the pharma supply chain, Valisure delivers enhanced quality assurance to patients and networks.

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