MiraSmooth Away Unwanted Sweating and Underarm Hair!

dad-miradry-fathers-day-moorsville-dermatologyIf you are a resident of Lake Norman, Mooresville or any of the many communities around Catawba, Iredrell and Rowan counties, you know all too well what those North Carolina summers – and well into the fall –  can do to your underarms. High humidity and hot sun bring out the worst in most, but if you are especially prone to sweating, even the strongest antiperspirant is no help.

Enter MiraSmooth, a potentially life-changing treatment option for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis — excess sweating — or who just want to start enjoying summers without pit stains and underarm odor. MiraSmooth is a permanent solution to excess underarm sweat and, as an added bonus, eliminates the hair there, as well. What can MiraSmooth offer the residents living in or around Lincolnton and the counties in southwest North Carolina?

What Is MiraSmooth?

MiraSmooth is an FDA-approved, state-of-the-art treatment option for those dealing with excess underarm sweat. This medical device uses microwaves to permanently damage the glands under your arms. When the glands are out of commission, you stop sweating. The microwaves also destroy the hair follicles much like a laser hair removal system. After just one treatment, your underarms are dry and mostly hair free.

What Is the MiraSmooth Procedure?

It starts with a quick examination and application of a local anesthetic. The staff will temporarily mark the area to guide the MiraSmooth handheld device as well. MiraSmooth delivers heat deep under your skin, targeting the sweat glands and hair follicles to leave you with smooth, dry and sexy underarms.

The procedure is virtually painless — most report feeling the only warmth from the device and maybe some pull as it moves across the skin. The entire treatment takes just one hour.

What Are the Risks With MiraSmooth?

There are few risks associated with the cutting-edge treatment. The sweat glands under your arms comprise only a small percentage of the glands needed to cool your body, so you are fine without them. You may have some redness and mild inflammation for a few days after the treatment, but there is no downtime. You are free to continue with your day after you leave the office.

Who Is a Good Candidate for MiraSmooth?

MiraSmooth is right for most healthy adults looking to eliminate underarm sweat and hair. It works effectively regardless of skin pigmentation or hair color and is a practical choice for someone who suffers from underarm sweating. If you think about the cost of replacing all those sweat-stained summer clothes each year, it makes economic sense, too.

Are you considering laser hair removal? Why not go the extra mile with MiraSmooth? Don’t go through another hot North Carolina summer feeling sweaty when you can feel sleek and sexy, instead.


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